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2019-2020 Nominating Committee Recommendations

2019-2020 Nominating Committee Recommendations

The Florida Society of Ophthalmology (FSO) nominating committee met on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 and was chaired by Darby Miller, MD, President. The nominating committee recommends the slate below for the 2019-2020 term. The membership will vote on this slate during the Annual Business Meeting, that will be held Saturday, June 29 in conjunction with the Masters in Ophthalmology 2019 meeting in Hollywood, Fla.

Officer Nominations:

President:                                   Darby Miller, MD

President-Elect:                           Sara Wellik MD

Vice President of Advocacy:        Nate Ruttig, MD

Vice President of Education:       David Eichenbaum, MD

Vice President of Outreach:         Courtney Bovee, MD

Secretary-Treasurer:                    Joseph Nezgoda, MD

Board Nominations:

AAO Councilor (2020-2023):         Adam Katz, MD

At Large Members (2018-2021):   Laura Sims, MD

                                                     Javier Perez, MD, MD

Darby Miller, MD has been nominated to serve a second term as President.