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The Florida Society of Ophthalmology

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The optometrists have filed bills to expand their scope of practice. Passage of these bills would grant them prescribing rights for systemic medications and jeopardize patient safety. The previous email message sent earlier today asked for critical funding support. This letter solicits your direct help in contacting Legislators in Tallahassee to vote against such expansion.

We are making available a template letter drafted by the Florida Society of Ophthalmology for your use. Please feel free to add to this letter, but most importantly, please be sure to print your name, sign and date this letter and return to the FSO. It is our hope that we can gather the support of FSO members by way of this letter to provide to Legislators. Please complete the letter and return as soon as possible to the FSO. Thank you all in advance for your immediate response.

template letter (click to download)

There are three ways you can send your signed and dated letter back to the FSO office:

1.      Fax: 904-998-0855

2.       Email:

3.       Mail:
6816 Southpoint Parkway, Suite 1000
Jacksonville, FL 32216

We need every bit of support right now so our major initiatives do not fall victim in this legislature which start early this January.



Urgent Need for Contributions to Defeat Optometry Scope Bills 

Recently you may have received an email from Miguel A. Machado, MD, President of the Florida Medical Association (FMA), requesting a $1,000 contribution be sent to the FMA PAC to defeat these optometric scope of practice bills. We respect this effort and request that contributions be made to FOCUS, CCE, the statewide ophthalmology PAC, in addition to your contributions to FLAMPAC.

The FSO is again facing a formidable challenge from optometrists to expand scope of practice. Bills currently filed with the Florida Legislature would give optometrist oral prescribing privileges. Such bills would put the patients of Florida in grave danger. To defeat these bills your support is crucial.

Contribute to FOCUS/CCE


Contributions can also be sent by mail to:
Florida Society of Ophthalmology
6816 Southpoint Parkway, Suite 1000
Jacksonville, FL 32216
Please make checks payable to: FOCUS, CCE.

It is imperative that your contributions to this battle be made directly to FOCUS, CCE. The FSO, in coordination with our Executive and Legislative Committees, and lobbying team will determine how to best allocate the funds to maximize the ophthalmology effort. This allocation may include direct contributions to candidates or the FMA as necessary.

It is important to note that during the last quarter, optometry raised over $300,000 to support their efforts. Your contributions to FOCUS, CCE are needed now more than ever to protect not only your patients but your livelihood.

Contributions of any amount are accepted and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!