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The Florida Society of Ophthalmology

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SOS-Legal & Advocacy Fund

Safe Ocular Surgery (SOS) Legal & Advocacy Fund
Help Stop Non-Medical Doctors From Performing Surgery

All around the country, there is a concerted, well-financed effort by optometry to obtain surgical privileges through legislation instead of completing medical school and residency training. As you know, the Florida Society of Ophthalmology (FSO) is committed to protecting patient safety and thus stopping any attempt by non-medical doctors to expand their scope to allow surgery of any type. But we need the help and support of our members.

The FSO has created the Safe Ocular Surgery (SOS) Legal & Advocacy Fund to give members who are not comfortable contributing to our political committee (FOCUS) another option to support our advocacy efforts. The SOS Legal & Advocacy Fund is not a political committee and it will not be used to make political contributions. All contributions to the fund are completely anonymous, and will be strictly be used to cover the FSOs legal and lobbyist expenses and advocacy-related public relations. This will allow the FSO to better defend against legislative and regulatory challenges that may threaten patient safety.

Together, FSO members can fight to guarantee the highest quality eye care possible for patients in Florida. For the safety of our patients, please make a contribution to the SOS Legal and Advocacy Fund today!

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