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One Parent’s Story on How Early Vision Screening Saved Her Child’s Vision
Erin, mother of two and a special education teacher, heard from her own mother Barbara that there could be something wrong with her 15-month-old daughter’s vision. Interestingly, Barbara observed that when her granddaughter would fall, she would not put her hands down to catch herself, resulting in more bruises and bumps than usual.


But Erin’s daughter was an early walker, and more often than not would take the normal stumbles that she thought all new walkers take. She recalled that her son was also prone to the same issues around that age, so they didn’t really think too much about it. 


By chance, Barbara came upon a free vision screening at an event called “Stroller Daze” sponsored by the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium- a special event at the aquarium where they gear their activities to children aged 5 and under. During that event, the For Eye Care Foundation along with the Lions Club were offering free vision screenings.


The results from her daughter’s vision screening  indicated that there were concerns and Erin’s daughter was referred to a pediatric ophthalmologist for follow up.  needed glasses to help correct an issue that could have cost her the sight in her left eye.


“After the screening, the dots connected,” says Erin Miller about her daughter’s vision. “Suddenly, the fact that my daughter was falling a lot and not catching herself made sense. It turns out, she could not see well. At the end of her daughter’s follow up exam with the pediatric ophthalmologist, my daughter received a prescription for her first pair of glasses.  The doctor went on to say that if we had waited much longer and if her vision issues had gone undetected, there was a good chance she could have lost vision in her left eye. My advice to parents is— if there’s the slightest bit of concern, pursue that and push it.”


For more information and resources on the importance of early vision screenings and amblyopia (“lazy eye”), visit




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