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The Florida Society of Ophthalmology

The EyeMDs

FSO Officers, At-Large and Committee Members

FSO Officers, Committees and At-Large Members


Darby Miller, MD

Sarah Wellik, MD

Vice President of Advocacy
Nathaniel Ruttig, MD

Vice President of Education
David Eichenbaum, MD

Vice President of Outreach
Courtney Bovee, MD

Joseph Nezgoda, MD

Immediate Past-President
Krishna Kishor, MD

Past President
Adam Katz, MD



AAO Councilors
Adam Katz, MD (2019-2021)
Joseph Nezgoda, MD (2020-2023)
Mark Michels, MD (2020-2022)

Legislative Co-Chairs
Adam Katz, MD and Mark Michels, MD

FMA Delegates
Courtney Bovee, MD
Kara Cavuoto, MD
Krishna Kishor, MD
Darby Miller, MD
Joseph Nezgoda, MD

FMA Specialty Society Section Representative
Krishna Kishor, MD


Annual Meeting Program Committee
Clifford L. Salinger, MD (Chair)


Membership/Regional Representatives Committee
William J. Mallon, MD (Chair)

For Eye Care Foundation, Inc
David B. Cano, MD (Chair)

Public Relations Committee
Lisa Gamell, MD (Chair)

Managed Care/Third Party Liaison Committee
Neal Freeman, MD (Chair)

At-Large Members
Rick Bendel, MD (2020)
Jaime Membreno, MD (2021)
Javier Perez, MD (2022)
Oren Plous, MD (2021)
Nathaniel Ruttig, MD (2020)
Laura Sims, MD (2022)

Young Ophthalmologist Representative
Ankit Shah, MD
University Representatives
Eduardo Alfonso, MD (BPEI)
Ramesh Ayyala, MD (USF)
Matthew Kay, MD (Larkin)
Sonal Tuli, MD (UF)



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