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FSO Member Shares an Important Halloween Safety Message

Pupils In Peril

Decorative contact lenses, used frequently during Halloween, are coming under fire from doctors, and they say these costume accessories pose to your eyes.

Every Halloween, you might see that one trick or treater in the cat costume with the nifty cat-eye contact lenses, or the zombie party goer with their eyes totally blacked out. But Dr. Stacey Kruger, an Ophthalmologist out of Miami, said the use of these over the counter lenses can cause serious problems.

“If not used properly, or not fit properly, can cause very serious eye infection, that can lead to potential permanent vision loss” said Dr. Kruger.

According to Dr. Kruger, decorative lenses can also lead to a decrease in oxygen to the eye or even scratches to the eye’s protective cover.  Prescription lenses are considered medical grade equipment and are therefore regulated by the federal Food and Drug Administration.  Doctor Kruger said lenses purchased over the counter, are probably not FDA approved use.





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