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New Postoperative Co-Management Guidelines Emphasize Transparency and Patient Empowerment

The Academy and 60 other ophthalmic societies, including FSO, have issued new, more patient-centric guidelines for postoperative co-management of ophthalmic procedures.The Comprehensive Guidelines for the Co-Management of Ophthalmic Postoperative Care contains substantive changes to existing guidelines based on over six months of thoughtful review by an Academy-led Task Force on Co-Management Principles, the Academy Council and Board of Trustees.

The Task Force included representatives of the Academy Council, the Academy Board of Trustees and state society leadership, a former Academy Ethics Committee leader and legal counsel. The new guidelines:
•    Call for written informed consent and financial disclosure
•    Reflect that co-management goes beyond cataract surgery to all ophthalmic surgery
•    Address the distinction between the legal and ethical aspects of co-management
A principal aim of the revision is to better inform patients with full disclosure of compensation arrangements for the non-operating practitioner and fees that practitioners may charge beyond those that Medicare and other third-party payors would cover.

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